Here is what PRG can do for your glass industry:

  • In your new furnaces

Most of our work in the glass industry consists in furnace joint closing. This work of sealing and closing the expansion joints are made by gunning/pumping (and, in some areas, by casting).We intervene usually two weeks after the furnace starts, when the furnace reaches about 800°C.

  • Where your furnaces has a worn refractory lining

Refractory material component of each zone of a glass furnace suffer different kinds of attack, the most important being thermal (generated by the temperature gradients) and chemical. These are the main reasons of premature hot repairs: the superstructure of the furnace as well as the regenerators will be suffer chemical attacks by volatile products and dust which settle on the walls and attack refractory products (carbonate dust, sulfate of sodium….) characterised by a progressive wear of refractory in contact with the glass and/or fumes.

A non-gas tight and/or worn glass furnace produces considerable heat losses and reduces the glass quality. This is why immediate action is necessary.PRG carries out rapid and efficient hot repairs by concrete spraying in operating furnaces:

  • Gunning repair with cooled lance of the edges of the separation walls between the regenerator chambers
  • Strengthening of the regenerator arches from outside with suspended bricks
  • Repair of furnace flues (solution of metallic prefabs)

And this with a minimum of disruption in your production!

The advantages of the PRG technique

  • Gunning and shotcreting techniques allow the installation of the quantity of product to meet your needs.
  • These methods are faster than brickwork and eliminate the cost of templates and permit an application on any surface without worry of unevenness.
  • The installed concrete is extremely dense and is effectively resistant to wear as well as many forms of chemical attack.
  • The installation cost is lower than casting or brickwork through limited needs in manpower and template.
  • The method avoids also any dust creation.


In summary, PRG installs the minimum volume of refractory required and the quality suited for your needs with the shortest downtime and an acceptable cost!  
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