Pirson Group’s strength is its organization of autonomous, specialist companies, one of which is to offer a range of services for repairs or installations of furnaces in the iron and steel industry, glass industry and others.

As a customer, you don’t need to involve several companies and you enjoy rapid reaction and real flexibility.

The Pirson Group can offer :

  • gunning
  • casting
  • ramming
  • bricklaying
  • supply of refractory products
  • demolition
  • mechanical erection
  • supply and erection of ducts/pipes….

Our partners in the Pirson group :

Pirson Refractories (NL) :
bricklaying of refractory bricks

SetLinings (POR) :
bricklaying of refractory bricks

Detramo (BE) :
important work of demolition and dismantling (large demolition by explosive, emptying of hot hearth - salamander) both in private and public sector

Pirson Montage (BE):
multidisciplinary installation projects (metal structure, mechanical, welded, pipes)

Pipe Construct (BE) :
industrial piping

Partner (BE) :
in-group rental of equipment and especially many crane « towers «  with capacities from 40 to 1600 tons

DSD (DE) :
DSD (DE) : mechanical work, power stations, structures…